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Todays Guardian Newspaper.

Watery Grave

Once a week, somewhere along the 213 miles of the Thames, a dead body is washed ashore. But only rarely do these discoveries make the news; most simply become forgotten victims of the river. Zaiba Malik meets those who find them - and those they leave behind.

A very interesting and thought provoking article about the bodies recovered from the River Thames. This river is the recipient of many bodies from many fictional authors, some of whom are Sax Rohmer and Simon Scarrow to name but two, and spanning two centuries form the 19th to the 21st.

But as I read the article I found myself thinking, if one a week is found, how many are not found? Some bodies must, as it were, slip through the net and remain undiscovered and then to eventually reach the sea. Perhaps then they are finally washed ashore somewhere, or consumed by fishes, or just simply decay into oblivion. Perhaps mourned but with no grave site to be mourned over. Perhaps this is where, and how, some of the 'missing people' on the police files end up? Who knows?

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